Mission & Achievements

APDIC promotes phase diagram evaluation and the dissemination of high-quality information, its application in industry and academia.

  • Mission & Achievements

Mission & Achievements


Formed in 1986, Orlando, Florida, USA under a Memorandum of Understanding


To meet the needs of the world wide technical community, the APDIC members agreed to:

  • Coordinate the overall objectives for members’ programs and publications
  • Establish assessment priorities
  • Coordinate activities among members to reduce duplication of effort
  • Promote quality standards for phase diagram evaluations
  • Assist effective dissemination of data arising
  • Promote the application of phase diagrams in industry and academia
  • Advance evaluation and assessment programs world wide


18 member organizations involving 26 countries


Over 50 volumes published on binary and ternary alloy systems, by APDIC members such as:

  • ASM International
  • MSI, Materials Science International Services
  • IIoM, The Indian Institute of Metals
  • IoM3, The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

MSIport.com, a web-based global research platform for the critical evaluation of binary and ternary systems


APDIC Awards:

  • the annual “APDIC Best Paper Award”
  • the “APDIC Industrial Award”