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APDIC promotes phase diagram evaluation and the dissemination of high-quality information, its application in industry and academia.

Available courses/lectures on the web for learning/teaching phase diagrams

Compiled are resources on phase diagrams available on the web. This is not exhaustive and surely not complete at all.

Schools and Training

MSIT Winter School on Materials Chemistry. It comprised lectures given by experts within the MSIT network on Phase Diagrams, Classical and Computational Thermodynamics, Experimental Methods, Crystallography, Evaluation of Data, etc.

MSIT Advanced School on Materials Chemistry gives training to a much higher level than is offered at the annual MSIT Winter School. Aimed at materials scientists who may be already familiar with the subject but are looking for a deeper understanding. in 2025 in focus will be "Crystallography in Materials Science"

School for Advanced Thermodynamic Assessments. The aim of this recurrent international summer school is to provide an advanced course on thermodynamic modelling using the Calphad method. A central part of the school will be the practical assessment of model parameters of multi-component systems for the development of thermodynamic databases. Such databases are a fundamental part of the materials genome initiative and for the Integration of Computational Materials. 27 June - 1 July 2022, Toulouse, France






from MIT

Very good presentation unfortunately limited to very basic concepts. Very good as an introduction.


by David Dye, Imperial College

17 lectures of ~30 min

Very good and comprehensive. Limited to binary systems.


by Dr. Krishanu Biswas, IIT Kanpur

61 lectures of ~25min

Very complete and comprehensive, includes everything from what is a phase to a complete description of ternary diagrams, includes detailed home assignments

The following videos are free trial versions from the complete courses on coursera.org.

For the complete courses, it is necessary to register. Seems to be limited to binary systems with some thermodynamics inside.


from UC Davis


from Georgia Tech

The lectures by Harshad (Harry) Bhadeshia from the University of Cambridge are a rich resource for many topics in materials science:

and particularly: https://www.phase-trans.msm.cam.ac.uk/thermodynamics.html
This site has links to files and videos.

Web pages or documents

Among many other available resources on the web one may distinguish:

Thermodynamics and phase diagrams by Arthur Pelton:

Teach yourself phase diagrams and phase transformations by Hugh Shercliff and Mike Ashby: https://downloadfiles.grantadesign.com/pdf/booklets/Teach_Yourself_Phase_Diagrams_and_Phase_Transformations.pdf

Free tools and tutorials by MSI Research:

Introductions to alloy phase diagrams by ASM International:


For Teachers

A very good document called 'How we learned to love the phase diagram with a Ti-Cr alloy characterization lab' by Katherine C. Chen that can give ideas to teachers:
https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=&httpsredir=1&article=1014&context=mate_facSites visited 25-Mar-2020