Awards & Committees

APDIC awards honour excellence in scientific publishing and the industrial application of phase diagrams and thermodynamic calculations.

Summary of APDIC Committees

APDIC acts by its annual meetings and committees and task forces, developing recommendations for the APDIC members. The verification of APDIC recommendations is exclusively by or between members, on a voluntary base. Besides its internal task forces, APDIC has implemented standing committees, to award:

  1. the continued intellectual generation of phase diagram knowledge
  2. the beneficial use of this knowledge in commercial applications

The corresponding committees are

  1. The Best Paper Award Committee and
  2. The Industrial Award Committee.


A third standing committee of APDIC takes care that

3.  promising developments achieved in related disciplines reach APDIC on time.

The task of the Strategy Committee is to assist APDIC internally, so it can direct or redirect its missions over time and advice its members accordingly. Finally the APDIC WRRS Committee takes care for the continuation i

4.  transfer of state of the art information to the public.

This transfer is verified via the bi-annual World Round Robin Seminars.