Awards & Committees

APDIC awards honour excellence in scientific publishing and the industrial application of phase diagrams and thermodynamic calculations.

The APDIC Industrial Award

Using phase diagrams and strategies for intellectual and computational evaluation of data means to follow knowledge driven approaches, with best chances for the lead in technology and for ecological and economic savings. The APDIC Industrial Award acknowledges eminent achievements reached by industries. It raises the awareness of the economic, societal and technical importance of applied knowledge in phase diagrams and highlights the edge position of the receiving party.

Criteria for being awarded

Mandatory Criteria

excellence in operational research, achievements in material dominated technologies or management, relating to Materials Chemistry and Phase Diagrams.

Additional, Supporting Criteria

  • societal impact such as generating or expanding business & employment; by developing new materials/properties, new applications, processes, etc.
  • environmental impact, such as reduction of emission and pollution, eco-materials, etc. economic impact, such as reduced time to market, energy savings, cost reduction by materials substitution and processing, etc.socio-economic impact, making use of human resources, competence and know how prior to, or instead of, trial and error investments.
  • technological impact by achieving step-performance increase in materials properties, application regimes, setting standards, etc.
  • global coherence impact, by employing global networking, facility sharing and targeted cooperation across national boundaries.

Frequency of presentation

Only one candidate will be awarded per year. The Industrial Award Committee of APDIC may decide not to give an award in a particular year. The Award will be given for the first time in October 2003.

Nomination and appointment

APDIC Representatives may nominated candidate for the award to the AIA Committee. Election and appointment of the Award Winners is by the APDIC Industrial Award Committee.

Recipients of the APDIC Industrial Award

APDIC Industrial Award: Nippon Steel Corporation At the first APDIC World Round Robin Seminar the APDIC Industrial Award 2003 was presented to Nippon Steel Corporation, who successfully and with great skills employed Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamics to strengthen its technological position.