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APDIC members report their previous year's activities and immediate plans at the annual APDIC meetings.


Japan Association of Alloy Phase Diagrams, Japan

Since its establishment in 1986, the Japanese Committee of Alloy Phase Diagrams (JCPD) has promoted information exchange and cooperation between industry, academia and government on research on phase diagrams and their applications to material development. This committee was reorganized in 2021, and was newly started as the Japan Association of Alloy Phase Diagrams (JAAPD) chaired by Dr. H. Ohtani, Professor Emeritus of the Tohoku University. The new organization will inherit the intent of the activities so far, and aim to expand its activities to the following broader fields.

•    Theoretical study of phase diagrams and the establishment of new computational methods based on materials informatics
•    Phase diagram assessment for verification of the validity of experimental results and estimation of invisible regions
•    Proposal of a new method for examining phase diagrams by experiments and machine learning
•    Correlation between microstructural evolution and mechanical and functional properties during aging and solidification processes
•    Applied research to industrial technologies based on the phase diagrams of structure materials and functional materials

The association will continue to contribute to the worldwide collaborations of alloy phase diagram activities with other APDIC members.