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APDIC members report their previous year's activities and immediate plans at the annual APDIC meetings.


Japanese Committee for Alloy Phase Diagrams, Japan

The Japanese Committee for Alloy Phase Diagrams (JCPD) - chaired by Professor K. Ishida from Tohoku University - was founded in 1986, and currently 83 members from academic institutes and industries are registered and actively participating.

The aim of this committee is to enhance the fundamental knowledge of phase diagrams and phase equilibria of alloys, ceramics and other materials and to seek for efficient utilization of phase diagrams as road maps for innovative materials designing and development. A particular emphasis of the committee has been placed on the collaboration between universities and industries through semi-annual meetings held twice a year. The JCPD maintains many high level activities, and two committee members, Nippon Steel Company and JFE Steel Corporation won the APDIC Industrial Award in the years 2003 and 2004, respectively and in 2005 the Tohoku University group received the APDIC Best Paper Award. In the year 2003 the Japanese Committee for Alloy Phase Diagrams hosted the first APDIC World Round Robin Seminar (WRRS) held in Sapporo and it sent lecturers to the second WRRS, 2006 in Rio de Janeiro.

Recently, the new direction of the application of phase diagram studies has been actively explored by the members by combining CALPHAD type approach with first principles calculation and other kinetics simulation such as Phase Field Method. Thereby, JCPD has been contributing to the world wide collaboration of alloy phase diagram activities with other APDIC members.