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APDIC France

Association Française de Thermodynamique des Matériaux (AFTherMat), France


The French research consortium AFTherMat “Association Française de Thermodynamique des Matériaux (French Association for the Thermodynamics of Materials) was created in September 2021. This structure is a continuation, with an association structure, of the former Material Thermodynamics at High Temperatures Research Group funded by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). In essence, the association aims to gather francophone researchers, both academic and industrial, interested in the field of material thermodynamics, including in high temperature environments. A focus is on the formation of new students and researchers through the organization of seminars, courses, schools, taking advantage of the now available online possibilities. As a laboratory-without-walls, the consortium gathers nearly 100 people from 35 different academic laboratories and industrial research centers disseminated on the French territory         read more (.pdf)